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3 Things You Can Do For The Health and LIFE Of Your Electric Bike - End Of Ride Checklist

You want to create a End Of Ride Checklist. Here you can start with these 3 items you'll want to do after each and every ride.

1. Lube your Chain - You're instincts might tell you to LUBE your chain before you go for a ride but If you do this your chain will attract dirt and create problems with your ride.

2. Check Tire Pressure - You'll want to check this so if you do have a loss in tire pressure you're NOT surprised the next time you go to use it. Giving your bike a once over before you leave is a good idea too.

3. Clean Your Bike - Cleaning your bike will help the health of your bike. By cleaning your bike everyday you're looking it over and finding any potential problem before it becomes a bigger problem.

Follow these steps and you're sure to have a healthy happy bike ready for YOU!

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